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Rhonda Petree, our roving reporter, has been busy following LAMSIG talks and workshops, over the next few days you can read regular blogs from the conference…

Imagine Your Organization’s Awayday

When Liam Brown asked the audience what kind of “awayday” we might envision, my partner said all she could think of was a “spa-awayday.” We quickly realized through Liam’s presentation that “office-spa days” aren’t the most effective (we may just have to go on our own!). Through this informative presentation, Liam talked us through meaningful and effective awaydays that revolved around the themes of “explore,” “share,” “learn,” “resolve,” and “plan.” We learned that the advantages of awaydays are that organizations spend more time on business rather than in the business, that they serve as a morale booster and an opportunities for colleagues, especially from different units, to get to know one another better or get to know people’s’ jobs better, and that they provide an opportunity for organizations to focus on goals and specific problems. Liam advised us that effective awaydays are those where there is a lot of collaboration and the team sets the agenda, where there is honesty – the team knows what is going to be discussed and why, and those that incorporate practical tools and techniques that be used in the workplace after the awayday. He also highly recommended the website Gamestorming ( and the book by the same name.


Maybe I’ll hit the spa AFTER the awayday!


-Rhonda Petree

LAMSIG 2019 Roving Reporter


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