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To all leaders and managers in the language teaching sector  – academic managers, senior teachers, school owners, directors of studies, co-ordinators, principals, assistant directors of studies, and anybody else in a position of management responsibility.

We are all going through a difficult and challenging time and dealing with unforeseen and unimagined issues and problems that we are all having to cope with as best we can.  Now more than ever it seems imperative to have a support network of professionals, all of whom are facing many of the same challenges. 

In response to this, we have launched a group open to all that (hopefully) will provide this support network.  Here you can post questions, share ideas, tell us things you have done that have worked (or things that haven’t worked), discuss best practices, and link to useful content that might be of benefit to others.  We will also host live Q & A sessions, hold asynchronous discussions on specific issues, and put on webinars on crucial topics.

Now, more than ever, we need to be a community. Let’s support one another.