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The following articles are mostly taken from back issues of the SIG newsletter. We hope to be able to add more to this archive in the coming months.

Topic Areas

  • Academic Management
  • Appraisals
  • Evaluation and Feedback
  • Finance
  • From Teacher to Manager
  • General
  • Human Resource Management
  • Innovation and Change
  • Marketing
  • Organisations
  • Quality
  • The Learning Organisation
  • Customer Relations Management


Andy Hockley’s Peer Observation articles for the webinar on June 10th:


Academic Management

Author Article title
Carol Waites What Makes a Good EFL Teacher?
Andy Hockley What makes teachers tick?
Terry Phillips What is a “Good” Teacher?
Dave Russell Dossers’ Laws: Problem Solving for Directors of Studies
Helen Mattacott 101 Things to Consider as a Director of Studies
Terry Phillips Resource Management Timetabling


Author Article title
Maria McArdle Developing a teacher appraisal system through action research
Phil Quirke & Steve Allison DREAM Management: Involving and motivating teachers

Evaluation and Feedback

Author Article title
Clyde Fowle Focus Groups:An Effective Means of Gaining Course Feedback?
Richard Kiely Evaluation: The ELT Manager’s Toolkit


Author Article title
Tony Crooks Budget Planning: An Approach for ELT Managers

From Teacher to Manager

Author Article title
Liz Clarkson & Pat Lodge Transforming the Wheel: From Teaching Skills to Management Skills
Clyde Fowle The Skills Transfer Process from EFL Teacher to Educational Manager
Arthur McKeown So You Think You Are a Competent Manager?
Andy Hockley From Language Teacher to Language Teaching Manager
Andy Curtis The First 1001 Days: Leading or Managing? Both or Neither?


Author Article title
Tony Crooks Motivation Theory: Moving Beyond Maslow
Jan Kingsley Is TEFL a Dead Duck?
Dave King Chaos Theory

Human Resource Management

Author Article title
David Killick I Never Expect a Soldier to Think
Jane Panahy Personal Investment Plans
Andy Quin Are We Speaking the Same Language? Communication in EFL Schools
Jake Kimbal Moving from Performance Appraisal to Performance Management
Andy Hockley Setting up a peer observation scheme

Innovation and Change

Author Article title
Fred Chambers Cyclic Innovation in ELT: Implications for Implementation
Chelsea Blickem Was it Worth it? A Case Study of Change Management


Author Article title
Alison McGowan The Role of Marketing in ELT
Peter Cornish The Language School Leader’s Guide to BASIC Marketing Planning


Author Article title
Brana Lisic Corporate Culture: Strategies for telling the CEO his baby is ugly
Valerie Ainscough Cohesive Management Styles in Disparate ELT Organisations
George Pickering Living in Chains
Ron White Behind the Scenes at the LTO
Gillian Evans Language School Evolution


Author Article title
Neil McIntosh Maintaining High Quality: Ideas that Travel
Eddie Edmundson & Steve Fitzpatrick Performance Standards in Learning and Teaching
George Pickering Roads to Quality Street: Perspectives on Quality in ELT
Simon Thompson & Steve Wheatley Benchmarking in the ELT Sector

The Learning Organisation

Author Article title
Bridget Somekh Beyond Common Sense: Action Research and the Learning Organisation
George Pickering The Learning Organisation: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?
Malcolm Hebden School Self Review: A Reflective Management Tool
Adrian Underhill The Learning School

Customer Relations Management

Author Article title
John Walker Perspectives on Service in ELT Operations
John Walker Blueprinting the EFL Service Provision
George Pickering How to Delight Your Customers
Paul Menniss Client Care
Oksana Higglesdon Health and Safety for Schools
Rachel Wikaksono Developing and Applying a Customer Relationship Management Model
Liam Brown “Customer Care” is Old Hat