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Most recent webinar: The Elusive Art of Giving Feedback – Ania Kolbuszewska

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Our next webinar: October 2017 (date TBA)

Is there a leader in you? – Bita Rezaeibita

Stepping into the arena and leading a team to achieve success calls for a certain set of attitudes and attributes. What we need on our way to a great business and a happy team is a competent leader. This talk will lead participants (experienced teachers and managers) on a journey of self-discovery of their leadership qualities.



Our most recent webinar:

The Elusive Art of Giving Feedback – Ania Kolbuszewska


This webinar has now taken place. The recording can be viewed from this link.

Before you started carrying out classroom observations, chances are you were told to stick to the “sandwich” approach to giving post-observation feedback and you’ll be fine. Chances are also that this didn’t really help.

As a form of communication, feedback is governed by rules which apply to contexts far wider than post-observation alone.

In this webinar we will examine features of successful feedback as well as some of the less obvious, yet essential do’s and don’t’s of feedback giving. We will also explore how varying attitudes towards conflict may affect the feedback process and outcome. Finally, we will look at a possible way of gathering information on how successful we are in giving feedback to our staff.


Ania Kolbuszewska has been involved in all things ELT for close to 30 years. She currently works as a freelance language coach, trainer and educational consultant. She has trained teachers, trainers and managers; she has also been providing business and academic consultancy for private language schools and public schools in Poland, where she is based, as well as internationally. A former Eaquals Board member and Director of Eaquals Accreditation and Consultancy Services, she continues to work as an inspector for this international quality assurance organisation. She is the author of the “Eaquals Self-help Guide to Teacher Development” and co-author of Eaquals management competency framework. A founder member of IATEFL Poland, Ania has been an active IATEFL-er for many years. Her interests include quality management, social communication and gardening, for which she regrettably never has enough time.


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Is there a leader in you?Bita RezaeiOctober 2018. Date and time TBA


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