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14th February, 2019.  5pm UK time

What is your strategy? – Duncan Foord

Strategy is everywhere, from tinder dating to running a language school, and has become something of a buzzword.  In this webinar you will be invited to consider what strategy is and what it isn’t, how it appears and disappears, succeeds and fails. Looking at examples from ELT organizations, the personal world and the big wide world, this webinar should help you understand and manage strategy more effectively. It is aimed at ELT professionals in leadership and management positions in organisations, freelancers and anyone interested in maximizing their chances of getting what they want.


Duncan Foord is the Director of OxfordTEFL, Barcelona. He has 30 years experience in language teaching, teacher training and school leadership and management. He is the author of “From English Teacher to Learner Coach” (with Dan Barber, The Round 2014) The Developing Teacher (Delta Publishing, 2009) and The Language Teachers Survival Handbook with Lindsay Clandfield (Its Magazines, 2008). He is lead trainer on the OxfordTEFL Leadership in ELT course (on line and face to face)

This webinar has now taken place. The recording of the webinar can be viewed here http://iatefl.adobeconnect.com/pqk15nw0huwp/

Our most recent webinar

Sunday 7th October 2018  1400 UK time

Lesson Observations: A flawed tool or an invaluable aid? – Maria-Araxi Sachpazian

In recent years, lesson observations have developed a rather negative reputation as a rather invasive way which may even impact negatively the students’ learning and undermine the confidence of the teacher. Having said that, lesson observations are perhaps the only way trainers and managers have to see teachers in action and advise them accordingly. This webinar aims to review the practice of lesson observations and examine ways in which it can become a tool that aids the teachers’ development without hindering the students’ learning or making the teachers feel vulnerable and exposed.

Maria Sachpazian BA education / RSA dip/tefl (hons)  is the Academic and Managing Director of Input on Education a company which provides academic, business support and consultancy to Foreign Language Schools. Maria is also a part-time lecturer at City College, the International Faculty of the University of Sheffield and an EFL teacher at the Straight Up Markoyannopoulou schools. Since March 2016 she is also the Chairperson of TESOL Macedonia-Thrace, Northern Greece.  www.input.edu.gr           sachpazian@input.edu.gr    

This webinar has now taken place.  The recording can be viewed here



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To be announcedDuncan FoordFebruary 2019
To be announcedSusan BarduhnMay 2019


Past webinars:

The following list is of all the webinars that LAMSIG has previously held.  The recordings of all these webinars are available to be viewed in our members’ area

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How to do ELT Management Research George Pickering June 2014
Coaching and Mentoring in ELT Loraine Kennedy October 2014
Appraisals Jenny Johnson February 2015
Peer observation – how can we make it work? Andy Hockley June 2015
Revitalising Coasting Teachers Josh Round November 2015
Lost in Translation Fiona Thomas February 2016
The New Manager Liam Brown June 2016
Encouraging teachers to take charge of their own CPD Fiona Dunlop October 2016
Making the transition from teaching and learning to leading and managing in ELT Andy Curtis February 2017
The elusive art of giving feedback Ania Kolbusewska May 2017
Leadership Qualities for Academic Management Marina Gonzalez Nov 2017
Institutional Research for Greater School Effectiveness Deniz Kurtoğlu Eken February 2018
Using performance indicators to assess institutional effectiveness in ELT

Vinicius Nobre

May 2018


We also held a webinar with the Fairlist

Preparing for your first keynote talk or plenary.’

It was especially aimed at women who are thinking about dipping their toes in these waters for the first time.

The speakers were Susan Barduhn and Simon Greenall.

Susan is a Professor at SIT Graduate Institute in Vermont and a Past President and currentInternational Ambassador for IATEFL. She has been honored to give plenaries in 17 countries.

Simon has been a textbook writer for more years than he cares to admit. Giving plenaries has been an essential but often challenging requirement of the day job.

The recording of the webinar can be viewed here: http://iatefl.adobeconnect.com/p6ybav71815/

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