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Our most recent event:

PASE Conference, Warsaw, Polandconfimage

LAMSIG is delighted to have partnered with PASE (The Polish Association for Standards in Language Education) at their annual conference from 13th – 15th May, 2016. The theme for the conference was

The Future of Language Education in the 21st century: Knowledge and Skills. 




The 2016 PCE in Birmingham:

Effective Teams and Teamwork: building, participating, leading. 

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The LAMSIG pre-conference event at the IATEFL conference in Birmingham on Tuesday 12th April was very successful. This is what participants enjoyed:

One of the key roles of managers is to build, participate in, and manage teams effectively. This task has become more complex as the members of many teams today work at a distance from each other. 


In this interactive workshop, we explored:

  • the characteristics of effective teams
  • how teams develop
  • how to manage the competing needs of groups, individuals and tasks
  • the different roles that individuals can play in teams
  • making smart decisions in teams
  • how to manage virtual teams.

Participants deepened their understanding of how teams work and how the interplay of personalities, culture, status and roles within a team combines to create an effective (or ineffective!) working group. They also ttok away some ideas about how to help teams develop, how to support team members, how to make good decisions in teams, how to “fix” dysfunctional teams, and how to manage virtual teams.

We hope they left feeling both inspired and better able to manage and participate in teams in the workplace.

Facilitated by: Andy Hockley, Loraine Kennedy, George Pickering, Josh Round



Barcelona conference February 5,6, 2016

IH Barcelona ELT Conference

IHB conference 2015

LAMSIG were delighted to be able to continue our partnership with IH Barcelona at their annual ELT Conference.  As part of this partnership, there was a special management track at the conference with presentations by Jenny Johnson, Josh Round, Fiona Thomas and more.  There were also plenary talks by Lindsay Clandfield, Jeremy Harmer, Nick Hockley, Scott Thornbury and Catherine Walter.

LAMSIG members were able to register for this conference at a special discounted rate

Conference details can be found here

In Autumn 2015, in partnership with ELT Ireland:Dublin event image

COMMUNICATION – from a manager’s perspective

In modern and successful English Language Teaching Organisations, effective communication plays a critical part yet it will always be one of the most difficult and complex skills that the ELT Manager needs to develop. With plenary speakers George Pickering & Fiona Thomas, ELT-ed sessions, and talks/workshops from Michael Carrier, Loraine Kennedy, Maureen McGarvey, Mike Hogan, and Gill Davidson.

A review of the day told in tweets and photos can be found here

The PCE in Manchester: 10th April 2015

man 2015 logo - website use onlyPeople management: managing challenging situations, groups and individuals

Managing challenging people and situations are some of the most difficult tasks and responsibilities of the academic manager. This PCE looked at some important aspects of people and conflict management through the discussion of case studies.

Under the guidance of facilitators, groups were invited to come up with solutions to challenging situations.

Individuals had the chance to:

  • Reflect on their own performance in managing challenging situations;
  • Listen to the ideas and best practices of other managers;
  • Learn from the suggestions of the seminar facilitators.

The overall aim of the day was to build up a set of best practices to take away which will help academic managers improve their people management skills.

The PCE was facilitated by Andy Hockley, Jenny Johnson, Loraine Kennedy, George Pickering and Josh Round.

On February 6th/7th LAMSIG partnered with International House Barcelona in their annual ELT Conference

The conference was a great success. Our first event in 2015 was in conjunction with the IH Barcelona ELT Conference, and featured a dedicated LAMSIG strand, featuring Jenny Johnson, Fiona Thomas, Duncan Foord, and Andy Hockley

For more details visit this site:

Prior to that, our  most recent event was the 25th anniversary conference in association with Londosa:

londosa event

As the role of technology in education becomes more central, and the range and capability of online teaching & learning resources grow; as the expectations of EFL students and agents become more demanding, and the need to stand out in a crowded market place becomes more urgent; how can we as managers in Language Teaching Organisations ready ourselves to face the challenges of the digital age?

What role should technology play in ELT, and what are the best strategies to implement it in our schools?

And what are the digital literacies we need to develop to ensure we are at the forefront of education both as managers and educators?

The Iatefl Leadership and Management SIG and the London DoS Association have joined forces to mark their 25th anniversary with an event to allow school owners, principals, academic managers, teacher trainers and teachers to explore these questions together.

Pictures from this event are here

photo (6)

Our most recent  PCE (March 2014) was at the Harrogate IATEFL conference entitled “Preventing Burnout”

LAMSIG kicked off their conference with a successful PCE on the thorny area of Burnout, from the point of view of teachers as well as managers. Around 40 people attended and enjoyed a varied programme led by George Pickering, who gave an overview, Agnes Enyedi, who gave the story from the teachers’ viewpoint, and Andy Curtis who looked at various manager aspects. Questions raised in the Panel Discussion extended the theme and participant feedback showed that participants were pleased with the day.

Some feedback comments:

      • Each session was interesting for different reasons. All three were very useful and very helpful.
      • All 3 sessions were very interesting and thought provoking.
      • Both guys were very professional and gave worthwhile , thought provoking presentations. Aggie also presented good information from the teacher perspective. all 3 were very good

Photos from this event can be found on the Photos page

LAMSIG’s  webinars

Past webinars:

The following list is of all the webinars that LAMSIG has previously held.  To watch the recording of any of these click on the title of the webinar

How to do ELT Management ResearchGeorge PickeringJune 2014
Coaching and Mentoring in ELT Loraine KennedyOctober 2014
AppraisalsJenny JohnsonFebruary 2015
Peer observation - how can we make it work?Andy HockleyJune 2015
Revitalising Coasting TeachersJosh RoundNovember 2015
Lost in TranslationFiona ThomasFebruary 2016
The New ManagerLiam BrownJune 2016
Encouraging teachers to take charge of their own CPDFiona DunlopOctober 2016
Making the transition from teaching and learning to leading and managing in ELTAndy CurtisFebruary 2017
The elusive art of giving feedbackAnia KolbusewskaMay 2017


We have also held a webinar in conjunction with the Fairlist

Preparing for your first keynote talk or plenary.’

It was especially aimed at women who are thinking about dipping their toes in these waters for the first time.

The speakers were Susan Barduhn and Simon Greenall.

Susan is a Professor at SIT Graduate Institute in Vermont and a Past President and currentInternational Ambassador for IATEFL. She has been honored to give plenaries in 17 countries.

Simon has been a textbook writer for more years than he cares to admit. Giving plenaries has been an essential but often challenging requirement of the day job.

The recording of the webinar can be viewed here:




As part of TESOL’s “Electronic Village Online” free professional development opportunities, LAMSIG was proud to be involved in an online training in Project Management. The course can be found here:

The course ran from January 13th



 LAMSIG/Yasar University conference on “Quality and Standards in Language Teaching; A Quest for Excellence” (May 2013)

The conference was a great success, and featured plenary talks by Teresa O’Donnell, George Pickering and Adrian Underhill, as well as featured talks by Burcu Akyol, Steve Darn, Tony Gurr, Andy Hockley, Yilin Sun, and Verissimo Toste, and of course many other concurrent sessions by educators from around Turkey and beyond.

Photos from this event can be found on the Photos page

LAMSIG 1LAMSIG PCE on CPD at Liverpool IATEFL (April 2013)

Another successful event, with some extremely interesting presentations/workshops from Loraine Kennedy, Josh Rounds and Fiona Dunlop.  For a great round up of the day, visit Josh’s blog “Be the DOS”

Developing Teachers in Developing Schools (November 2012)

This event, a joint conference/event with TDSIG, took place in Brighton in November 2012.    A space at which the ideas shared at the conference and some of the plenary and other talks area available for download has been created by Anthony Gaughan and can be found here.

LAMSIG PCE on Performance Management at Glasgow IATEFL (March 2012)

One of IATEFL Online’s roving reporters, Ana Kodric, attended the LAMSIG PCE as a participant and filed the following set of reports:
1. Introduction
2. George Pickering’s session on performance management
3. Andy Hockley’s session on feedback
4. Loraine Kennedy’s session on appraisals
5. Maureen McGarvey’s session on managing poor performance