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Resilience: Building a stronger ELT sector.

Join IATEFL Leadership & Management SIG for their 2022 Pre-Conference Event on 16 May.

Over the last two years, ELT organisations have had to deal with massive disruptions due to COVID 19, and the effect on the industry has been detrimental in some parts of the world. But, we also face incremental changes, and the likelihood that our industry will face another massive disruption cannot be ruled out.

While it has been a very challenging time for ELT managers and leaders, it provides us with the opportunity to learn and to make sure that we are better prepared for disruptions and changes that affect not only our own organisations, but also the industry as a whole. As individuals, the survival of our organisations depends on our ability to lead and manage change, and to ensure that resilience is a key feature (or strength) of our organisations.

Our PCE will focus on resilience and how we can work together to build a stronger and more sustainable ELT sector, regardless of where in the world we are based, and regardless of whether we operate in onshore of offshore markets. 

Our PCE will focus on addressing the following questions: 

  • How can we anticipate incremental and sudden disruptions? 
  • How can we prepare our organisations and the industry for change? 
  • How can we become more tolerant to change? 
  • How can we become more resilient as organisations and as an industry? 

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