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Scholarship Winner 2019

We are delighted to announce that the winner of this year’s scholarship, who will be joining us in Liverpool in April 2019, is Neenaz Ichaporia from India.  Neenaz will be giving a talk on the subject of “Managing remote teaching teams: Making ‘work from home’ work“.  The abstract for Neenaz’s talk is as follows

How do you manage a teaching team spread across India? How do you maintain motivation, without bricks-and-mortar centres? The British Council’s ‘myEnglish’ online courses are delivered by teachers working from home. This talk will consider the challenges and make practical suggestions for managing a geographically-dispersed team. These include innovating ways of delivering INSETT, conducting observation, and building a professional community.

We are all very much looking forward to meeting Neenaz and to hearing about her  work managing remote teams.

LAMSIG Scholarship

Since 2011, LAMSIG has awarded a scholarship to come and present at the annual IATEFL conference.

Past winners of the scholarship are Rubina Khan, from Bangladesh, Wiktor Kostrewski, Poland/UK,  Yasmin Kirkgoz, Turkey, Cari Freer, USA/Turkey, Katherine Martinkevich, Ukraine, Shiv Ram Pandey, Nepal,  Maria Araxia Sachpazian, Greece, Bruna Caltabiano, Brazil, and Alex Walls, UK.

Congratulations to all the previous winners!

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