Links for 2020

Links that could be of value in the changes caused by the Covid19 pandemic

1. Reflections on the changeover

Sandy Millin on reflections from the first week

Silvia Rovegno’s blog post on the first week of going online

Corazon Recto – lessons after 9 weeks online in China

 2. Online teaching/learning  (Free e-book published by the British Council on remote teaching)  (Free e-book also from the British Council on innovations in learning technology)

Sandy Millin’s blog on ideas for adapting lessons to Zoom

Chronicle of Higher Education – “Going online in a hurry”

Checking students’ work online

Glenn Standish’s video on teaching through Zoom

Set of documents and useful info about using Zoom

A general guide from English Australia on going online (covers a lot very concisely)

Tech against Coronavirus:  an incredible list of apps and tools that could be useful

Matt Lunt’s document on teaching using Zoom

3. Managing a remote workforce

Dave Cleary’s tips for Managing Remotely in ELT

4. Leadership – Collection of links and tips put together by Michelle Ocriciano