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IATEFL LAMSIG TTEdSIG The Four Pillars of Teacher Support

Teachers are at the heart of educational institutions. It is therefore of the utmost importance to ensure that they are adequately supported and trained and that development opportunities exist for them. In this joint event between the Teacher Training and Education Special Interest Group (TTEdSIG) and the Leadership and Management Special Interest Group (LAMSIG), we bring you five speakers to share their expertise on how you can support teachers through training, education, management, and leadership initiatives. There will be a discussion at the end of the day where participants can ask questions and mingle online, and the day should provide food for thought for teachers, teacher educators, teacher trainers, managers, and leaders in the ELT industry. 

Schedule: (UK times)

11:00-11:45Simon CoxThe school that goes wrong show
12:00-12:15Clare McGrathSetting up and fostering an online PD group
12:20-12:35Lucie CotterillTime for talent: Effective talent management in the 2020s
12:40-12:55Sandy MillinClearer communication
13:00-13:15Christina GiannikasSupporting teachers through challenging times
13:45-14:00Closing and summary

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