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This year, LAMSIG is pleased to announce that we have a roving reporter, Rhonda Petree.  Here is Rhonda’s preview of the LAMSIG events at the upcoming IATEFL conference


Transformational. Mindfulness. Trust. Change. Systematic. These are just some of the words that piqued my interest upon glancing through the LAMSIG sessions in the 2019 IATEFL Conference Preview of Presentations brochure. Both experienced, as well as new leaders and managers will no doubt find this year’s sessions informative and valuable. Participants will gain practical skills and knowledge through presentations that focus on creating a culture of feedback, managing remote teams, avoiding conflict, peer-mentoring, and choosing, implementing, and evaluating models for teacher development. Those of us charged with leading professional development in our programs will benefit from “Systematic professional development for senior educational staff,” “Continuing professional development evaluation for deeper learning and impact,” and “What about us? Managers CDP.” During the conference, presenters will set out to answer difficult questions in sessions with titles such as, “Servant Leadership: Feeble drivel or natural fit?” and “Is TEFL recruitment racist?” Other sessions promise to offer insights on unique topics such as designing courses for older adults and a call for agile course development. A few other sessions, “Transforming a school into a learning community through distributing leadership” and “Leading learning in a modern educational institution: Knowledge, skills, and practices” will surely help leaders and managers create positive learning environments and communities. Whether you are a seasoned leader or manager or just getting started in your job, the LAMSIG sessions at the IATEFL conference are sure to help you develop your skills, expand your knowledge, and increase your professional network.

Start planning for your IATEFL conference today! You can learn more and register for the conference at:

If you are looking for a longer day of conversation and training, consider joining us for the Pre-Conference Event (PCE) titled, “Looking backwards, moving forward – Effective evaluation & improvement.” During this day-long workshop, we will consider how to effectively plan and implement evaluation tools and techniques in our programs. The PCE takes place on Monday, April 1st. You can find more information here:

We look forward to seeing you in Liverpool!

Rhonda Petree

February 2019


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