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Ethical and Effective Recruitment and Induction

One of the key roles of the manager is recruiting the right staff – and for academic managers this will usually mean recruiting effective teachers who fit well into the organisational culture. There are many stages to this process – all the way through from initially identifying an organisational need to providing appropriate orientation to the person hired.
In this interactive workshop we will look at some of the key – and perhaps most difficult – parts of this process:

  • Attracting the best teachers
  • Ensuring you have a non-discriminatory recruitment policy that works in practice
  • Obtaining the essential information from candidates at the application stage
  • Providing candidates with the necessary information about the job
  • Interviewing – both face to face and at a distance – ensuring that interview criteria, questions and tasks help you select the right candidates
  • Induction – providing staff with the best possible information about the post, the organisation and the professional support and resources available.

Participants can expect to challenge the way they currently conduct the recruitment and induction process and take away new ideas or practices to improve how their LTO operates in this area.


Loraine Kennedy  is now based in Berlin running her own educational training, coaching and consultancy services, after five years as Centre Manager of Bell International Institute in London

Marek Kiczkowiak is originally from Poland and has lived and taught in many places – England, Spain, Costa Rica and the Netherlands to name a few, and is currently studying for his PhD at York University. He is the founder of TEFL Equity Advocates

George Pickering is an educational coach, trainer and consultant. He has delivered training and seminars in over 60 countries throughout the world. He is the editor of the LAMSIG newsletter and academic director of the DELTM

Josh Round - is Director of Studies at St Giles International London Central, and enjoys the process of quality management, ensuring excellent study experiences for international students, and the challenge to continuously improve the teaching team, and develop himself.

For a full timetable of the day, please download this PDF file: Glasgow 2017 PCE timetable

LAMSIG Day – Tuesday 4th April

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On Tuesday 4th April will be our annual SIG Day.  This is part of the full IATEFL Conference and features a whole day in which LAMSIG showcases some of the fascinating work and ideas going on in the world of ELT Leadership and Management.  The presentations in the SIG day will all take place in the same dedicated room at the conference and the presentations and workshops have been specially chosen to highlight areas that the committee thinks will be of particular interest to our members. We are looking forward to a great day…

Time Mins  Proposer’s Name Title of session
1040-1125 45 Workshop Ross THORBURN How to motivate and retain young teachers
1125-1200 Coffee Break
1200-1230 30 Talk Alena HRADILOVA Managing a language centre: communication, quality and staff development
1235-1305 30 Talk Bita REZAEI Is there a leader in you?
1305-1410 Lunch break  
1410-1420 Poster presentations
1435-1505 30 Talk Vinicius NOBRE Managing diversity: are we blind to our blindness?
1520-1550 30 Talk Maria-Araxi SACHPAZIAN Cognitive distortions and the LTO Manager
1605-1650 45 Workshop Deniz KURTOGLU EKEN Looking into ‘the marrow’: researching school ethos and culture
1650-1725 Coffee Break
1725-1755 30 Talk Andrew HOCKLEY Making Management Meaningful: A Recipe for the “New Normal”
1800-1830 30 Forum Open Forum Open Forum

For a full programme of the day with abstracts, please download this PDF File: SIG Day 2017 Programme