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PCE, Monday 1st April, 2019, Liverpool


Looking backwards, moving forward – Effective evaluation & improvement

One of the key parts of the management cycle is evaluation.  We start with a vision, use it to help us strategise and set goals and targets, and then think about the standards we would like to achieve.  Then we evaluate our success and make changes somewhere in the process. But how best to evaluate?

This pre-conference event will look at this cycle, with a focus on evaluating what has been done, and using this evaluation in effective planning and implementation.  Would you like to take a step back, look at what you do in your job and how your team / department / school functions, and see if you could be doing it better? Then this day-long workshop is for you


Josh Round and Rhonda Petree talk about their sessions as part of the event

SIG Showcase, Thursday April 4th, 2019,  Liverpool

Showcase flyer 2019


ELT Forum Slovakia, June 7-8, 2019

We are once again happy to be working with ELT Forum for their annual conference in Bratislava, Slovakia.  Details will follow

Conference website: http://eltforum.sk/