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English UK  webinar in association with IATEFL LAMSIG

Self-management skills for 2021 and beyond

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM GMT, Thursday 18 February 2021
In the past, I delivered talks about what skills might be needed by an educational manager in 2020. Little did any of us know what a transformative and disruptive year it would prove to be for us all.  In this talk, we will re-consider what competences are priorities for us to identify, learn and practise, if we want to be effective and employable managers in 2021 and beyond.  Reference will be made to how we can use ‘inside-out’ learning models to start with re-skilling ourselves, practise effective self-management, self-compassion and well-being, establish positive rituals, identify portable management skills, master remote working and accountability, and use the 12-week year approach to plan our priorities and projects.
George Pickering
George is an educational coach, trainer and consultant, who has delivered talks, workshops and consultancies in over 60 countries. He is the academic director of the English UK Diploma in English Language Teaching Management (DELTM) and is a senior inspector of language schools for the British Council in the UK (Accreditation UK). George was a trustee of IATEFL for 12 years, is a committee member of the IATEFL LAMSIG and is an individual member of Eaquals. He can be contacted at:

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LAMSIG is sponsoring and supporting the English UK pre-conference fringe event on Thursday 16th January

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Barcelona, February 7th-8th, 2020

Once again LAMSIG is partnering with IH Barcelona in their annual conference.  Informatiuon on the LAMSIG strand can be found here , while main details of the conference is here

The LAMSIG strand features

  • Chris Farrell – Using classroom research for bottom up teacher development
  • Andy Hockley – The Agile LTO
  • Ania Kolbuszewska – What do I really want? Goals in conflict
  • George Pickering – Title TBA
  • Ferran Velasco – Goal setting as a self-management technique to improve yourself and your organizations

Other speakers at the conference include

Amy Blanchard, Antonia Clare,  Ceri Jones, Dana Poklepovic, Danny Norrington-Davies, Hayley Burton, Jessica Mackay, Kat Robb, Kirsten Waechter, Lindsey Clark,  Mark Hancock, Mauline Lawrence, Naomi McLatchie, Rachel Appleby, Rob Howard, Sandy Millin,  Sarah Mercer,  Scott Thornbury, Tanja Murphy-Ilibasic,  Teresa Ting

PCE 2020 Manchester 17th April, 2020

Engagement – a new model of management and leadership

Employee engagement has become the top issue on the minds of many leaders in ELT, pointing towards an entirely new model of management and leadership.

But what does employee engagement even mean? What do these new models look like? How can they be known, shaped and implemented?

And once implemented in the institution how do we measure engagement and set benchmarks. and perhaps even “kitemarks”, to follow, and promote our institution as an employer of first choice.

This PCE day for LAMSIG investigates these issues and provides a forum for discussion, understanding and action. It will allow managers and leaders to hear from sector experts who have experience of building institutions where passion is valued and staff are proactive about adding value in their work while aligning with the institution’s mission and goals.

Specific questions to address:

  • How can we raise the level of personal investment staff bring to work every day?
  • What are the qualities we want to develop in engaged staff? How can these qualities be promoted, rewarded and valued?
  • What can LTO leaders do to create a positive environment where decision making and values setting are shared and values-based work contracts are the norm
  • Is there a place for “happiness initiatives”, employee engagement surveys and score-systems to measure and monitor engagement and the individual voice over time
  • Is there a place for HR and L&D in building an engaged staff force? How can they promote fairness, openness and integrity in their processes – recruitment, promotion, learning & development, appraisal and duty of care – that give rise to better engagement?

Registration and pricing details are here

Innovate ELT 2020 – 15/16 May  

LAMSIG is happy to announce our collaboration with InnovateELT for their conference in Barcelona on 15 and 16 May 2020. As part of our mission to provide development opportunities for our members globally, this collaboration allows us to bring together professionals in Europe and share best practice.

The themes of the conference are:

·       The relevance of classroom practice to the future education and employment needs of English language students

·       Practical ideas for sustainable classrooms, schools and publishing

·       The wider context of changes in education, employment and the environment

Two of LAMSIG committee members, Jenny Johnson and Loraine Kennedy, are running one of the pre-conference Friday workshops: Moving towards sustainable ELT. You can find out more here:

As leaders in the ELT industry, it is our responsibility to look at sustainability and the environment and InnovateELT provides a great platform for us to explore this responsibility and develop some practical workable ideas. We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona in May 2020.

You can register for the conference here: