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Izmir, Turkey November 8-9th, 2019
Joint Forces for Joint Goals: Strengthening EMI through ESP/TTEd/LAM

English-Medium instruction (EMI) is no longer a vision; it is a reality. Effective implementation of EMI is significantly impacted by the leadership and management, the quality of teacher development in ESP and TTEd programs both for in-service and pre-service contexts.

This conference will have stimulating conversations around this theme. To contribute, we invite you to submit a proposal for our conference to be held at Izmir University of Economics (IUE), Turkey on November 8-9, 2019. The language of the conference is English.

More details, how to submit a proposal and registration here http://iateflsigconference2019.ieu.edu.tr/




PCE 2020 Manchester 17th April, 2020
Engagement – a new model of management and leadership

Employee engagement has become the top issue on the minds of many leaders in ELT, pointing towards an entirely new model of management and leadership.

But what does employee engagement even mean? What do these new models look like? How can they be known, shaped and implemented?

And once implemented in the institution how do we measure engagement and set benchmarks. and perhaps even “kitemarks”, to follow, and promote our institution as an employer of first choice.

This PCE day for LAMSIG investigates these issues and provides a forum for discussion, understanding and action. It will allow managers and leaders to hear from sector experts who have experience of building institutions where passion is valued and staff are proactive about adding value in their work while aligning with the institution’s mission and goals.

Specific questions to address:

  • How can we raise the level of personal investment staff bring to work every day?
  • What are the qualities we want to develop in engaged staff? How can these qualities be promoted, rewarded and valued?
  • What can LTO leaders do to create a positive environment where decision making and values setting are shared and values-based work contracts are the norm
  • Is there a place for “happiness initiatives”, employee engagement surveys and score-systems to measure and monitor engagement and the individual voice over time
  • Is there a place for HR and L&D in building an engaged staff force? How can they promote fairness, openness and integrity in their processes – recruitment, promotion, learning & development, appraisal and duty of care – that give rise to better engagement?

Registration and pricing details are here https://conference.iatefl.org/pce_lam.html