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This blog is intended to collect, collate, and summarise the comments, stories, questions and ideas that come up in the conversations in the “Language School Management in the time of Covid-19” discussion group

It’s very heartening to see the response to the group, and hearing some of the success stories that you’ve shared.

I think from the initial responses the immediate needs can be characterized as

  • Moving classes online
    • Technical needs, set up, software choices etc
    • Training for teachers
    • Access issues
  • Teacher and other employee wellbeing
    • Supporting teachers in the new way of working (beyond training)
    • Creating an online community/support network
    • General wellbeing tips during lockdown/isolation
    • Managing a remote workforce
  • Student wellbeing/support
  • Financial/business concerns and questions

Over the course of the next few days we’ll collate the various things that have come up so far in the group on these topics and provide summaries, and from then on, keep the blog running as we go.  We may also contact people who have contributed to the discussion to see if they would be happy submitting a blog post to this resource

There will of course be other questions arising as we get to them (I see testing is coming up, for example), so when they do this running blog (which we’ll update as often as possible) will collect that information too.  We’ll also create a page of links to useful and recommended articles, webinars, blogs, etc and keep that updated too. 

Watch this space – stay safe and connected!

Andy Hockley, LAMSIG Coordinator


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